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Reviewed all these photos, my emoticon was still the same as few days ago when I was a host for your wedding. And when reading Sophia's sharing in the Script, the first emotion just stopped as a Host for the party, to inspire the love story of two of you,guys to the audience. However, when I stepped into the stage to run the rehearsal and the official event as well, the feeling was completely different, making me feel like a friend, or brother who have known both of you,guys so long already.

The impressive thing that I have got from both of you,guys, that during the 10 years (3842 days), Tam has never made you not laugh. Indeed, throughout the party not only me but certainly the guests also feel it through the very thoughtful, sweet and extremely romantic preparation from Tam for you, Sophia.

I wish both of you,guys everlasting happiness, and sharing a dream and turn your both dream become true, that is most valuable gift of live.