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Natural Bioremediation & Wastewater Treatment Scientific Seminar

The Seminar of wastewater treatment, to work out remedial measures and thoroughly treat waste water pollution problems in the area of the HCMC as the Water is a precious resource of human. In natural water covers the entire water from the oceans, lakes and rivers Sea bays, ponds, streams, groundwater … On Earth freshwater occupies a very small percentage compared to saline. Surface water is essential for life and development, water helps the organism cell metabolism, participate in biochemical reactions and create new cells. So, we can say that where there is water, there is life.

Water is used for life, agriculture, industry and services. After use, the effluent water becomes polluted and we will to varying degrees. Today, with the population explosion and the high-speed development of the industry, agriculture … We've left a lot of complicated consequences, especially the problem of water pollution. This problem is worrisome threats are many, as well as many countries in the world.